MOORE ST has held a conference for the employees and the partners. 17.09.2019

MOORE ST has held a conference for the employees and the partners.

The annual Moore ST Conference «Moving Forward Together» took place in Georgia from 9 to 13 September 2019. Directors, managers, auditors and partners of Moore Global network’s member companies of the Eurasian region as well as representatives of other audit firms that are considering partnership with Moore Global, were invited to participate in the Conference.

The Conference coincided with a crucial moment for the international network – the launching of a new global brand. In this particular moment all the companies of Moore Stephens International Limited network became “MOORE”. A dedicated Instagram challenge among employees became a popular activity. Many employees were willingly taking pictures in front of the new logo during the celebration of the new brand’s birth. Others were demonstrating the MOORE gesture or shaping it in different ways alongside the new logo. The photos can be found on the social networks by using hashtag #proudlymoore. The participants at the Conference participants did not stay away from this activity and supported it by making posts to SMM area.
oore Global network”.

 Moore ST конкурс в инстаграм 2019  Moore ST конкурс в инстаграм 2019

Anton Colella, CEO of Moore Global, became a guest of honour at the Conference this year. He gave a presentation under the theme “The future of Moore Global network”.

The conference itself was held in the format of lectures, seminars and workshops. The first two days were devoted to some new and complicated questions in the sphere of the Russian accounting and Tax legislation which were highlighted in the presentation by Olga Aleksandrovna Antoshina – a PhD in Economics, an Associate professor, a practicing auditor, a tax advisor, a certified accountant-practitioner SIP/SIPA, a business coach of MBA programs, full member of IPAR Russia, a certified lecturer of IPAR Russia, a professor of All-Russian state tax academy of the Ministry of Finance, a member of Expert Council for improving the tax legislation of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs.

The third and fourth days were dedicated to International reporting and auditing standards, issues relating to development and strengthening of the relationship between network members, branding, visual identity etc. As part of the "international" days in the period from 11 to 13 September, reports were made by Gavin Stoddart and Elena Tikhnenko  - members of the Supervisory Board of MOORE ST, who spoke about changes in International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), International Standards on Auditing and the new ethical standards. The new brand and its visual attributes were presented by Maria Volkova, Head of MOORE ST office in Vladivostok. Also, videos of MOORE ST directors were shown during her presentation about what the new brand means to them. That was followed by Maxim Sobokarev and Stanislav Boyko, directors at Moscow MOORE ST office, who took the floor and reported about new possibilities in the sphere of consulting.

At this Conference, special attention was paid to presentations of Heads of other offices of the member companies of the Moore Global network. They reported about their achievements and plans for the future. After all, the main purpose of the Conference is open professional communication in order to exchange information and experience, training and professional development, search for ways of cooperation and networking. Working sessions on marketing, consulting, quality control and the use of IT in audit completed this day of the Conference. As a result, each group offered interesting solutions and new directions for the development of business and the profession as a whole, as well as ideas for improving the technical means of work.

There were also some informal meetings within the framework of the conference – joint trips to restaurants and karaoke, triathlon competitions, tasting of traditional Georgian wines. The end of the official part of the Conference was crowned by a joint trip to vineyards and a Gala dinner during which the best employees were marked with awards at the end of the year. 

All participants noted that the atmosphere of the Conference invited dialogue, a lot of practical examples were considered, and it was possible to exchange views during the panel discussions, as well as to have a good fun.

Moore ST Ежегодная конференция 2019