The Agriculture Industry sector occupies a primary segment of Russia’s economy. It comes as no surprise that nearly every company engaged in this economic activity will be inevitably faced with specific challenges. Such challenges include:

  • Climate change and its economic impact;
  • Volatility of raw material prices;
  • Changes due to enactment of state legal reforms and legislative acts;
  • Compliance with numerous technical requirements and commercial regulations;
  • Environmental protection issues and much more.

  • In this respect, the agriculture industry consistently demands experienced consultants who are able to facilitate business owners to maximize opportunities available in the industry and overcome current challenges. At MOORE ST, with more than 30 years of successful experience in agriculture industry sector, we understand the complexity and specificity of farming business and are committed to carrying out our mission to render quality services and duty to help others. Our team of professionals work with agricultural business owners at all stages of business development. We build long-lasting partnerships, as we believe that the only way to achieve effective assistance to clients is by immersing in business to identify specific concerns. This ensures that our clients get assistance supported by our outstanding knowledge and skills in the industry.

    At Moore ST, we are aware of the need and importance of physical presence of our specialists on-site, we travel to gain insight into the client’s practice and become familiar with nuances of business to identify, analyze the issues and provide sound, substantiated advice. The initial objective is mitigation of risks and cutting costs in the primary business sector. In these matters, our experts are leading in the field, in terms of depth of knowledge and experience.

    Moore ST’s experienced consultants are well equipped with the knowledge and skills required for meeting financial, tax and consulting needs of all types of farms, ranging from small family farms to large, vertically integrated agriculture holdings, engaged in activities from growing and manufacturing to processing and marketing agricultural products. We have experience in completing several projects for agricultural companies, including a USA agricultural investment fund, as well as participating in several projects conducted by the UN in this field, such as the second agricultural sector’s development and finance. Our extensive experience in agriculture industry covers the following areas:

    • Cattle farming
    • Poultry farming
    • Livestock farming
    • Commercial Grain farming
    • Crop farming
    • Dairy farming and cheese manufacturing
    • Wineries

    Our services, within the frameworks of the agriculture industry sector, include the following:

    Accounting and audit

    • International audit of financial statements for agricultural companies prepared in accordance with IFRS and RAS
    • Quarterly surveys and semi – annual inspections of agricultural companies
    • Conversion of financial statements, prepared according to national accounting standards, into IFRS
    • Financial record-keeping for agriculture holdings
    • Budgeting and cash flow management
    • Preparation of financial reports

    Tax consulting services and audit

    • Tax record-keeping in agricultural companies
    • Review for compliance with federal and local tax laws
    • Business structuring and tax planning

    • Tax preparation and audits
    • Transfer pricing
    • Legal assistance in tax litigation, settlement of tax disputes

    Strategic consulting

  • Industry support and structuring of transactions in agricultural business
  • Expense management
  • Diagnostic assessment of business processes
  • Assessment of the quality and safety of manufactured food products
  • Optimization of storage and purchasing functions
  • Cost reduction
  • Market analysis and marketing research
  • Strategic planning and development, changes to forms of ownership
  • Consulting services on state support programs, subsidies and grants
  • Preparation of filing documents for obtaining quotas
  • Optimization of supply chains and logistics network
  • Agriculture holding management and optimization of production process to increase profitability
  • Legal representation and corporate support of agricultural enterprises
  • Agribusiness investment promotion
  • Assessment of economic efficiency of agricultural projects