Since the aviation industry is one of the most highly regulated industries in the world, nothing must be left to chance in this sector of economic activity. Tight competition, low profit margin, low volatility in fuel prices, pandemics – these are just a few of the numerous factors that make the aviation industry quite complex and extremely high-maintenance.

Moore ST applies the same level of rigorous approach to the offered solutions and considerations for each client as you would probably do to every travel of your own. You should rightfully expect the highest level of professional standard from your consulting company, which ought to have enough sophistication to meet all your strategic, operational and financial needs in this area.

Our company’s international experience in the aviation industry ensures that we know the worth and the complexity of managing both private and corporate aviation. Our main objective is to provide quality services, which will facilitate successful risk mitigation, efficiency improvement and reduction of costs.

Our services are available to the following industry entities:

  • The largest air companies
  • International airports
  • Air freight carriers

We provide the following services:

  • International audit of financial (accounting) statements prepared according to RAS, IFRS
  • Conversion of RAS financials statements into IFRS
  • Preparation of IFRS statements
  • Accounting and tax management for aviation companies
  • Marketing research on aviation market segment
  • Consulting services on the matters of import, registration and sale of aircrafts
  • Analysis of registration methods of aircrafts in foreign jurisdictions
  • Compliance with the aircraft registration regulations
  • Personnel efficiency optimization
  • Optimization of warehouse logistics
  • Portfolio assets management and investment project evaluation
  • Development of profitable financing for acquisition of an aircraft
  • Development of the system of operational cost reduction
  • Risk management
  • Economic safety audit for operating airlines
  • Legal and tax services