We assume no one will argue that the two industries - fisheries and forestry - have long been under strict scrutiny of the Government of the Russian Federation. Decisions designed to increase their efficiency for the country's economy are not always consistent with one another and often cause misunderstanding among business owners and entities involved in these economic activities.

Besides the already existing practices for "fishermen" - holding "crab auctions" - the possibility of holding auctions for other fish species is being actively discussed; the right to use the auction for catch quotas should be supported by investment projects on fleet upgrades.

Similar global changes are taking place in the timber industry as well, although they emerged earlier - the customs regulations regarding the export of round timber have been tightening for several years by now, and the Government does not seem to intend to give up on introducing barrier customs duties to stimulate the transition of the industry from logging to processing. Legislation on forest protection is also becoming stricter, which inevitably increases risks for the industry.

Under current conditions, business owners would require quality assistance in accurately reporting their financial position and operating results:

  • Public health facilities, hospitals, and private clinics
  • How to correctly estimate "auction" and "historical" quotas, if both of these assets are of the same value and facilitate production of the same products?
  • How to effectively account for the costs of repair and modernization of production facilities when calculating the cost of finished products?
  • How to properly account for lease contractual obligations?
  • How to properly account for operations conducted with "friendly" companies on quota development?
  • How to make the right choices in tax preparation that would suit best the interests of the business owners and the budget?
  • How to present to potential investors and credit organizations the advantages of the company in most favorable way?

Some of these questions are only applicable to Russian companies, but the specific characteristics of the industry has an impact on business in every region of the world, and MOORE has been providing effective solutions for "fishermen and foresters" for over 20 years - so we know exactly what should be most important to you.

We are ready to offer all the services you expect, including:

  • Preparation and audit of accounting and financial statements for companies of any profile - producing, processing, replenishing bioresources
  • Preparation of monthly/quarterly reports, including special-purpose reports - for individual companies; for the Group; upon request of credit organizations
  • Consulting on compliance with relevant legislation
  • Advice on corporate restructuring and corporate governance
  • Seeking financial support/financing
  • Advice and assistance with management system practices using IT solutions
  • Application of IT systems in book-keeping of revenues and inventory management
  • Analysis of existing information and economic security system