Our greatest strength lies in our long history of work in the telecommunications industry (since 1996), including serving clients in e-commerce, providing information technology (IT) services, offshore programming services and serving clients in many other areas. Moore ST's strategy is to focus on the development of the most profitable (fast-growing, promising and valuable) niches in the IT business, tele- and media communications market.

Specialized applications adapted to the needs of a particular company are nowadays in demand for successful business performance; however, the development of new technologies continues to introduce not only new opportunities, but also new threats to security.

Our experts are ready to offer assistance in providing a wide range of services, including: intellectual property valuation, data security, process modeling and compliance. Moore ST consultants keep up with the upgrades on technological innovations and advances. We maintain collaboration with many companies around the world - both with small firms that are in preparation for entering the global market and with gigantic multinational corporations that dominate the world.

The most valuable product of our work is the recommendations we provide to executives in relation to the ascertaining weak links in operations and finding effective means to eliminate them, which is individually developed based upon the unique knowledge of our clients' business which we acquire early on at the stage of diagnostics. Another technical service we can be proud of is handling matters related to settlements of joint ownership to help our clients build up capital gain and maximize business performance.

Our services include:

  • Audit of RAS, IFRS reporting
  • Preparation of financial statements in accordance with US GAAP requirements
  • Financial reporting
  • Consulting on the development and implementation of business processes in telecommunication and media communication companies
  • Advising on complex issues of accounting services in accordance with the requirements of IFRS, US GAAP and RAS
  • Advising on complex issues regarding tax laws, including the laws of the CIS and Cyprus.
  • Book-keeping, record-keeping of accounting and tax accounting
  • Support at launching startups
  • Assistance with the acquisition of intellectual property rights (IPR) and conclusion of related transactions
  • Conversion of documents prepared in accordance with RAS, USGAAP and IFRS requirements
  • Due diligence to support the acquisition of companies involved in the technology and innovation sector
  • Risk management
  • Tax preparation for technology-intensive enterprises
  • Preparation and conducting an initial public offering on stock exchanges
  • IT audit

Our services will save you time and allow you to focus on primary business tasks without wasting efforts and costs on solving problems on your own - let our experts sort them out for you.