Today, modern healthcare centers, pharmaceutical and insurance companies are equipped with advanced technology, they are complex and sophisticated structures where all resources should be directed to providing high-quality services, production of high-standard products, preserving and protecting lives, and above all, taking care of the measures of prevention. At Moore, our network firms work with hundreds of healthcare practices. We know and can speak the language of insurers and have experience in making better deals with new partners, hospitals and suppliers of medical equipment. MOORE has been providing solutions for the healthcare sector for over 40 years, so we understand what can be important to you.

We provide professional services to the following key stakeholders in the healthcare market all over the world:

  • Government-funded public health facilities, hospitals and private health clinics
  • Specialized healthcare facilities
  • Dental offices
  • Drug stores
  • Doctors and specialists of general practice

Digital technologies have an impact on the healthcare system on a daily basis. Telecom facilitated or remote medical services, artificial intelligence, high-precision equipment - all this is designed to increase life expectancy, improve the accuracy and speed of diagnosis, which consequently improves the quality of treatment. The realities of a digital society dictate new rules. New players in the market change the terms of business interaction. MOORE, as one of the leading consulting companies, is ready to offer all the services that you would expect, namely:

  • Preparation and audit of financial statements in health care settings, field-specific medical institutions and individual medical practices
  • Preparation of monthly / quarterly reports
  • Сash control /accounting /tax/ HR accounting staff training; implementation of a program that promotes effective patient handling
  • Development of a strategy for improvement of the efficiency of your practice, quality of service
  • Advice on search and preparation of international pension programs for employees and compliance with the relevant legislation;
  • Verification of compliance with legislation on the matters pertaining to patients' personal data security
  • Projection of the efficiency and cash flows of medical institutions
  • Consulting services on elimination or acquisition of a practice and calculation of the corresponding goodwill
  • Search for financial support for knowledge-intensive and innovative enterprises/ RTD financing;
  • Analysis of the purchased VMI program and its economic feasibility within the frameworks of current motivation system in a company
  • Digitalization of inner processes
  • Advice and assistance in the matter of the management system practice with the use of IT solutions
  • Advice on acquiring a practice or forming a partnership; assistance in developing your practice
  • Application of IT systems in the matters of revenue management and control over inventory of pharmaceutical products
  • Analysis of current cyber and economic security system