Depletion of natural resources. Drop in commodity price. Intensifying competition. Global economy. Cost escalation. Volatility of commodity prices. Rigorous regulation and changes in the state policy. For the companies engaged in the sphere of energy, mining and natural resources, there are as many opportunities as treacherous pitfalls that should be handled by professionals who are able to determine the company’s future success.

We are aware of this as we help our clients to cope with the challenges they face in the industry and use challenges to their own advantage. We understand that making key decisions on a daily basis is a standard procedure for businesses in the energy, mining and natural resources industries, which means that our services reflect the dynamism and complexity of our clients’ businesses.

Our experts provide high-quality advising services to businesses and help them to overcome the challenges, unique to the industry, including increasingly complex accounting, taxation and operational issues. The Moore Stephens network can provide audit and consulting services throughout the world.

Although it is important to provide practical business solutions, we also understand that the most relevant recommendations are focused on the specialty of your business activity.

There is a variety of reasons why Moore Stephens is a natural choice for mining companies which need a reliable financial adviser.

  • We have a twenty-five-year experience in working with mining companies in Russia. We know your industry well enough to be ready to use our experience to help you find solutions to any problem or challenge you may encounter.
  • Moore Stephens is a global network of independent firms with offices located at all major business centers around the world and we have resources to help in finding an investor, as well as in floatation on the stock exchange.
  • We believe that each client is unique. You can be sure that we will listen to what you have to say and our recommendations will be tailored to the specific needs of your business.

As a practical matter, our business approach is based on deep understanding of the complex challenges you and your business encounter and on the knowledge of similar challenges from our previous experiences that, combined, helps us to optimize performance and achieve desired results.

We help our clients solve the problems they may come across every day, including:

  • improvement of profitability and efficiency
  • evaluation and management of business, financial and geopolitical risks
  • fund raising and public market access
  • development of risk managing strategies
  • responding to changes and uncertainty
  • strengthening of corporate governance procedures
  • meeting the expanding regulatory and reporting requirements
  • ensuring the most efficient tax and corporate structures
  • solving global business issues
  • recruitment, retention and motivation of skilled labor force
  • and, ensuring that IT - systems meet business needs

Our services in this sector reflect the dynamism and complexity of our clients engaged in the energy, mining and renewable energy industries all over the globe.