Over the twenty-plus years we have been working in Russia, we have developed the skills you need to ensure your company’s strong financial standing and to satisfy the needs for professional advice. These skills have been refined over time when serving other businesses in your sector, which means we know not only the economic environment and applicable regulations, but also the specifics of the retail business. Therefore, whether you run a coffee-shop chain or sell women's lingerie, own an automobile dealership or are a leading importer of home appliances, we, most likely, have already worked with someone in your area of business and know it well.

With rapid changes in the market, with advances in technology and ever increasing competition among retailers and the globalization, manufacturing companies must constantly be on their toes and stay alert as never before.

The global marketplace demands higher quality products, faster manufacturer’s response and lower production costs, while massive customization, outsourcing and lower margins for profits increase the pressure of tough competition. Successful companies will be those that can increase the volume at lower cost, while becoming increasingly customer-focused.

As experienced consultants in manufacturing business, we dedicate our efforts to helping clients manage their businesses most effectively, seize the opportunities to succeed and stay ahead of the curve in this complex and dynamic environment.

By tailoring our services to meet the vast and growing needs of the manufacturing sector, Moore Stephens has earned a solid reputation for providing comprehensive accounting, tax and business advisory services to manufacturers nationwide. Ranging from production of machinery to apparel manufacturing, manufacturing of plastics, chemicals and home decor, the Moore ST company has acquired extensive experience in the area of production and is capable of helping you to increase cash flow to your business and improve the efficiency of management.

The fast-paced world of manufacturing and retail business can be challenging at times. Whether you are a local business, a franchise, a large enterprise or an international importer and distributor, Moore Stephens has the expertise to manage cash flow, run your business and comply with the strict industry regulations. You can safely rely on our strategic advice and financing options we may offer in support of your growth objectives; with us, you can look after your employees by means of self-managed super funds and can structure your business to minimize risks operating your business in Russia and abroad.

We can help you empower your business by the following:

  • Preparation of accounting and tax reports
  • Strategic financial and business planning, consulting
  • Asset and commercial financing
  • Retirement, SMSF preparation and management
  • Accounting and outsourcing billing services
  • Cloud accounting software
  • Valuation and due diligence
  • Creation of trusts
  • Trust audits
  • Business compliance audits
  • Fraud prevention and investigation

Should you need any help with accounting for your professional services or you are looking for new ways to grow, do not hesitate to contact the Moore ST team today.