Nowadays, every company strives to maintain stability in response to the challenges of the rapidly changing environment. The main goal of business development is profitability. In the process of work, some business owners resort to restructuring, as the means to increase efficiency and profitability of the business.

Also, some companies that regularly deal with the inability to resist the ongoing changes, by showing poor financial performance, are forced to look for new solutions, one of which may be the corporate restructuring.

Essentially, corporate restructuring is a change in the existing structure of a company for a more efficient functioning, to resist the influence of external and internal factors. Restructuring implies the changes to either the company’s core structure or its individual elements.

Effective restructuring allows:

  • financial recovery
  • improving the company's solvency
  • increasing the value of the company
  • increasing external funding
  • increasing the attractiveness of the company for investors

Depending on the goals, restructuring can transform the current structure to various degrees; it can be carried out either at the level of individual departments or across the entire business.

MOORE ST offers a restructuring strategy for companies whose organizational structure and management system need to be adjusted in accordance with business goals and ability to adequately respond to the market conditions.

Our team will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the current situation and propose an action plan, depending on the available financial resources and the business interests of the organization.

We will also assist with:

  • Structure optimizing
  • Improving the efficiency of the management system
  • Assessment of the business and determination of the best development strategies
  • Conducting due diligence


The high level of professionalism of the MOORE ST team is accompanied by a unique experience in the field of consulting services: MOORE ST has been successfully operating in the CIS countries since 1989, when our London company assisted Sovcomflot in the reorganization program.

Since restructuring is a complex undertaking that include many constraints and specifics of the industry and the company, it requires a thorough analysis and careful study of internal and external factors. The MOORE ST approach is based upon a comprehensive study of our clients' business, which allows us to provide a successful individual approach to each undertaking.


Audit Director, Director of Financial Consulting and Valuation Services