Financial Outsourcing

What are the advantages of outsourcing?

  • The ability to focus on the essential tasks.. Outsourcing allows company executives to free up their time and to focus on the core business tasks (business development, increase in sales, etc.).

  • Reduced costs.. Outsourcing can significantly reduce your expenses on salaries to your employees, on rent payments for premises and technical equipment. At the right moment, our team can provide you with accurate information to help you make the right decision with confidence.

  • Versatility. Due to the extensive area of our company's expertise, we are able to offer you the full spectrum of financial and administrative services as outsourced business functions.

  • Risk management. When your accounting records are handled by our reliable experts, you can always be confident that your company's business activity is in compliance with all regulatory requirements and applicable laws.

  • Independence. MOORE ST always has an independent, objective viewpoint in relation to your business, this principle allows us to respond to any request in the shortest possible time.

  • Catalyst of ideas. Our team regularly provides solutions to various companies. We effectively incorporate our experience and knowledge into the new, creative ideas we supply our clients for the most effective business results.

  • Support by experts. We can handle virtually any task with ease and are ready to give you a hand in expanding your business or in any other business projects. We can also help you deal with unforeseen circumstances, such as, for instance, an unanticipated absence of an accountant.

Our company has extensive experience in accounting for companies with different forms of organization in many different industries.

Our staff have international ACCA qualifications or students enrolled in a program for obtaining such qualifications. As to the Russian qualification requirements, our staff hold Professional Accountant Certificates, Unified Auditor's Certificates or are in the process of obtaining these qualifications.

Our financial outsourcing services include:

  • Accounting Services

  • Report preparation

  • Internal Audit

  • Services to foreign companies which are already engaged in business in Russia or are in preparation to start one.

We also provide the following additional, IT-related services:


  • Accounting and tax accounting (integrated and sectional)

  • Payroll calculation

  • Acting as a chief accountant, chief financial officer, representing owners

  • Consulting on the Russian accounting and tax legislation

  • Occasional services include:

    • Notifications on controlled transactions
    • уNotifications of participation in IFCs
    • Preparation of 3-NDFL tax returns


  • Preparation of financial reports according to IFRS and US GAAP

  • Preparation of management reports (per client standards)

  • Preparation of transformational tables and reporting packages for consolidation of international group of companies


  • Consulting services for setting up or development of internal audit

  • Outsourcing of the internal audit function

  • Independent assessment of the internal audit function


  • Starting a business in Russia

  • Accounting, payroll and human resources services

  • Legal tax consulting