HR Accounting

HR- accounting services or personnel consulting services rise in demand in these days. Many of the business processes, including HR, have being outsourced as business trends are changing rapidly in the digital and mobile age. Company’s specialists are in a race to keep up with the trends to ensure prompt response to innovations.

MOORE ST offers its clients a range of services to build an effective personnel management system. One of these services is maintaining the client's personnel records and consulting in the area of applicable employment and labor laws.

Our services include:
  • Greenfield establishment of HR records keeping system in your company
  • Consulting services on changes in labor legislation
  • Development of duty regulations, drafting of labor contracts, and additional agreements
  • Conducting procedures of reduction in the number of employees or staff
  • Reissuance and maintenance of HR records
  • Creation and amendment of bylaws in accordance with the current legislation
  • Reception/transfer/dismissal/ relocation/business trips/vacations and more
  • Assessment of managerial decisions in terms of adherence to labor laws

HR outsourcing benefits are:

  • Access to knowledgeable professionals

  • HR expense-line trimming

  • Freeing up the accountant's time (If HR records were handled by accounting department)

  • Timely response to possible HR risks

  • Increased opportunity to focus on growing your business and feel secure about proper HR records management

  • Verification of the credibility and honesty of the employer

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