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«Делайте дела с теми людьми, которые вам нравятся и которые разделяют ваши цели»

Warren Buffet


We provide services to help you start up your business in Russia in any form of legal entity, including:

  • Accreditation of branches or representative offices of foreign companies

    • Obtaining of accreditation for an unfixed term

    • Amendments to founding documents

    • Dissolution/closure of representative offices

  • Incorporation/registration of companies with foreign founders

  • Registration of LLC (OOO) and branches

  • Registration of private and public joint-stock companies (PJSC and JSC)

  • Self-employed business/individual entrepreneurship registration

  • Setting up a joint venture on the basis of Russian or foreign companies and holdings;

  • Purchasing equity interests/shares in another Russian or foreign company or assistance with consolidation or other M&A transactions;

  • Opening bank accounts and obtaining all necessary licenses, approvals, and permits;

  • Advice on tax planning and structuring.

Our experts will advise you on all aspects and procedures of applicable laws and regulations, including legislation in the area of foreign investments, as well as conduct a comprehensive assessment of legal, tax, jurisdictional and other risks for each available option of business legal structure and organization form.


We are ready to assist you on a regular basis in the following areas:

  • Advisory on legal issues

  • Corporate law

    • Comprehensive contractual support of the company's activities, including when conducting business abroad;

    • Analysis and preparation of constituent documents, decisions, protocols, corporate agreements, options, and other corporate documents;

    • Advising and support on reorganization of companies (M&A) at all stages, including advice and support under the English law;

    • Preparation and approval of share/assets purchase and sale agreements and related documentation;

    • Advising on issues related to a setup of joint ventures and strategic partnership, the legal structure which best meets the clients' business goals;

    • Conducting comprehensive legal audit of acquired assets;

    • Developing a risk minimization plan and supporting transaction completion with other issues.

  • Commercial law

    • Drafting and analysis of commercial contracts, support in negotiations on conclusion of contracts

    • Identification and analysis of commercial risks in the frameworks of newly created or existing contractual arrangements

    • Preparation of accompanying documentation to contracts

    • Legal audit of companies' contractual framework

    • Structuring contractual arrangements

    • Comprehensive contract support service (for local and international commercial transactions)

  • Pre-trial dispute resolution and claim settlement

  • Employment and immigration law

  • International courts and arbitration

  • Personal data protection and information security

    • Advising on compliance with the legislation on personal data protection

    • Conducting a legal review (audit) of personal data processing and information security

    • Legal representation in the course of inspection activities carried out by authorized state bodies for the purposes of personal data protection and security

    • Legal support for an individual responsible for the personal data processing

    • Preparation of corporate regulations on personal data processing, preparation of consent forms for personal data processing and notifications

    • Advising on cross-border transfer of personal data, drafting agreements on processing and cross-border transfer of personal data, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements

    • Submission of notifications to Roskomnadzor, information exchange with Roskomnadzor

    • Advising and training services regarding compliance with the recent European legislative act on personal data protection (GDPR)

  • Due diligence 


We will support you at all stages of dissolution/closing your business, including:

  • When communicating with creditors

  • When restructuring debt and capital

  • When rearranging the workforce

  • With corporate transformation

  • With bank account closure and other formalities.


We will provide you with tax and legal support service on an ongoing basis and / or with additional perquisites.

Director of, Legal & Tax Consulting Department

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