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The world keeps changing, and businesses must keep up with the ongoing changes. The competitive global market dictates new challenges, and not all enterprises are able to quickly adapt to the new transformations. Analyzing the current situation and finding new solutions to optimize and improve business processes may seem time-consuming but prove to be extremely helpful to keep going with the change.

However, not every business has the resources to afford a separate division to deal with these issues. Even if such a department exists, it often requires an independent assessment or obtaining a second opinion. You can always entrust this function to the MOORE ST team, as it has all the necessary competencies and sufficient experience to help your business find the right management solution.

MOORE ST provides management consulting services aimed at improving the management and efficiency of your organization.


Management consulting is a full spectrum of comprehensive services directly aimed at success of the business depending on the client's requests.

Within the scope of consulting services, the MOORE ST team performs the analysis of the current business processes, identifies existing problems and risks, and detects shortcomings of the current management system.

Based on the findings, our experts will find the ways to solve the problems that have been identified and will develop recommendations for achieving the goals and objectives of your organization.
We will help you achieve the following:

  • determine the current state, identify risks and shortcomings of the current business model;
  • optimize business processes;
  • improve the efficiency of the organization;
  • improve the management system;
  • determine the stages of further growth.

Also, the analysis and the review allow to provide interested clients with the necessary information in the form of an independent opinion on the reliability of financial statements.


At MOORE ST, we know that every business is unique and requires a unique solution, this is why we afford each client with an individual approach. We also take a systematic approach, when it is required to cover all aspects of the business functions and study the business from all sides.

We strive to find non-standard solutions to increase the profitability of your business by optimizing operational processes and improving management systems.

The vast experience we have gained in more than 30 years of work on the Russian market allows us to provide reliable professional assistance to our clients from Russia. The extensive MOORE's partner network, which operates in more than 110 countries around the world, allows us to utilize the shared experience and knowledge of our colleagues around the world.

For more information about our consulting services, feel free to contact us by e-mail or send a request by filling out the form posted on our website.


Audit Director, Director of Financial Consulting and Valuation Services