In pursuit of competitive goals, each company faces various challenges. In search of solutions to improve the effectiveness of risk management, controls and corporate governance, the owner or manager needs an auditor to perform an internal audit. The internal auditor can help the organization achieve those goals with a systematic and consistent approach. However, the creation of a special auditing unit is not always feasible, as it requires significant resources, including the auditing staff trained at the appropriate level, which is likely to mean additional burden and costs.

When there is no internal audit department in place at the company, and there are no available resources for its formation, or there are concerns that such service would require an independent, second-opinion assessment, the best solution may only be the outsourcing of the internal audit function.

The MOORE ST team, which possesses all the necessary competencies and extensive experience in both external and internal auditing practice, is ready to help and offer a successful solution.


As part of the internal audit service, we offer:

  • Outsourcing of the internal audit function
  • Independent assessment of the internal audit function
  • Assessment of the control procedures
  • Methodological approaches to the formation of an internal audit unit/department
  • Training and optimization of the internal audit function
  • Company risk assessment and management
  • Validation of quality control system
  • Development of risk management program

We perform analysis of the current business processes in order to assess the operation of internal controls and corporate governance as well as to identify opportunities for their optimization. We will make an independent assessment of the internal audit function or identify the prospects and ways to create or develop your own internal audit function.

You may also choose to outsource the task of internal audit to MOORE ST so that you can concentrate entirely on your core business activities while professional auditors will take care of the internal control, risk management, and corporate governance issues.

Regardless of the service you choose, MOORE ST will always ensure that your business will improve the controls and corporate governance, optimize costs and operational efficiency, meet legal requirements, and increase transparency.


Our specialists not only are highly qualified and have extensive knowledge, but also constantly strive to improve their skills. That is why by doing business with the MOORE ST team, you get access to the unique experience, state-of-the-art methodologies, and high professional standards of our company.

With our services, you can focus on important business tasks, while our experts take over the function of internal audit and help you increase efficiency and reduce costs.