In the context of changing legislation and market volatility, it becomes imperative for many individuals to search for new approaches to financial planning and capital management. Amid increased uncertainty of the changes in the world, capital management strategy requires continuous monitoring. MOORE ST’s professional consultants help clients not to get lost in the plethora of financial products and services available on the market and effectively achieve their financial objectives.

As part of Wealth Management, we provide a wide range of wealth management services to our clients. This covers not only investment issues, but also legal and taxation aspects.

As part of this service, we can offer advice on:

  • Financial planning
  • Capital investment (expertise and selection of investment projects)
  • Tax efficiency:
    • Transaction support
    • Property registration
    • Property division
    • Income reporting
    • Conclusion of an individual trust management agreement related to
  • Real estate, located both in Russia and abroad (when purchased for personal purposes or for capital investment which requires independent financing support).
  • Running your own business
  • Transfer of wealth and estate planning
  • Legal:
    • Completion of a personal income tax return 3-NDFL in connection with the sale of property or transactions on the stock market
    • Advice on filing CFC notices
    • Sale of ownership interest in a limited liability company
    • Transactions involving securities and derivatives

MOORE ST advisors determine your risk profile and create the best strategy to protect your capital and enhance your returns.

Providing financial planning and private wealth management services requires a complete understanding of the client’s goals, long-term objectives on the basis of trust. MOORE ST believes that each individual's needs are unique. We strive to give close consideration to all possible factors to provide our clients with a personalized approach and the best solution.

MOORE ST's experience of more than 30 years on the Russian market and MOORE ST's wide network of partners providing access to the experience and knowledge of our colleagues all over the world make it possible to provide every client with an effective solution to any wealth management problem.