Our team

Head of the supervisory board Elena Tikhnenko

US CPA with an academic background in systems analysis and international investment decision-making. She has more than 20 years' of experience working for MOORE in both Russia and the UK.

Member of the supervisory board Gavin Stoddart

Gavin is a UK Chartered Accountant with over thirty years of experience in both Russia and the UK. He specialize in tax consulting, corporate restructuring, dispute resolution and due diligence. In recent years he has had a particular focus on consultancy including transaction support and dispute resolution. .

Audit Director Maxim Sobokarev

Audit Director Maxim Sobokarevв

He has UK’s Association of Certified Accountants. He has gained more than 15 years of experience in auditing with MOORE. Specialization – audit IFRS, consulting in banking sector, transport and other.

Director, Legal & Tax Consulting Stanislav Boiko

He has extensive experience in representing client interests in corporate, commercial and labour relations. He carries out project activities to prevent, identify crime and minimize legal and tax risks.

Audit Director, Technical Director Yana Kazaku

She has UK’s Association of Certified Accountants and more than 12 years of experience in MOORE. Her portfolio of clients is from a wide range of industries including shipping, air transport, logistics, property and others.

Director of Business Compliance and Support department Renata Plotnikova

She has a Diploma in taxation of the Russian Federation (ACCA Dipnrf), Diploma in Accounting and Business. She has 9 years' experience working for MOORE in external audit and two years working internal auditor in private company. Her specialization is business Support, internal audit, IFRS

General director Marina Gorbunova

General director Marina Gorbunova

She is certified Russian auditor, with 16 years' experience. Marina holds the ACCA Diploma in International Financial Reporting (DipIFR).

Татьяна Струк

Audit Director Tatiana Struk

She has a unified audit certificate, which gives the right to conduct audits of any company, all industries. She also holds an ACCA diploma in international Financial reporting DipIFR.

Мария Галиулина

Director of Sakhalin office Maria Galiulina

Qualified professional accountant with big experience in MOORE. Supports foreign businesses on the island in the fields of oil and gas, transport and logistics, wholesale trade.

Мария Волкова

Director of Vladivostok office Maria Volkova

A member of the Association of Certified Accountants (ACCA, UK) with more than 20 years of in auditing. Maria trained in the Moore Stephens London office, and also has experience working within the Big 4 accounting firms.

Надежда Михайловна Наумчик

Head of business support department Nadezhda Naumchik

Nadezhda is a certified Russian auditor and has 25 years of experience of undertaking and overseeing RAS audits including those at the level of audit manager and project manager. Her assignments include also consulting services with regards to Russian accounting, tax legislation, civil and currency legislation.

Audit director Marina Chelnokova

Audit director Marina Chelnokova

Has a unified audit certificate, which gives the right to conduct audits of any company, all industries. She holds the ACCA Diploma in International Financial Reporting (DipIFR). She is also a member of the MOORE Asia Pacific Tax Committee.

Диана Ремизова

Audit director Diana Remizova

She has a unified audit certificate, a diploma in international accounting standards. She is focused on Banking sector

HR Director Isaeva Albina

HR Director Isaeva Albina

Experienced in the field of personnel management, analysis of internal systems of the enterprise, incl. search, adaptation and motivation of personnel, training and development, assessment of human resources, compliance of personnel records management.

Marketing Director Yulia Belyakova

Marketing Director Yulia Belyakova

ОExperienced in launching of start up projects, developing strategy of companies and marketing research, including through Digital tools. Julia has 12 years of professional experience in marketing.